Edge - Black

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Some of us love to wear jewelry, but there's always that risk of damage to our precious metals! Ever lose a diamond, or have a ring get squashed? It's not pleasant. This silicone ring is stylish and super durable and won't get the nicks and dings of life accumulated onto its surface!

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flex, stretch, strong

No matter how much stretching, squashing or force, your ring will remain the perfect circle. Perfect to slide on to your swollen joints, flex with your finger, and remain unscratched in you active day-to-day life!

safe & washable

100% safe food-grade silicone. We like the always-on approach! Hypoallergenic and engineered to last with the hottest highs, to the coolest chills. Hands-on is the halo bands middle name. Get as grubby as you like, and remain safe from ring avulsion unlike a traditional metal band

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Keeps fingers safe from Ring Avulsion

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