About Us

Are you the sort of person that should really wear your ring all the time but you don’t? Maybe you take it off when you workout, go swimming, hold a new baby, go to work to get your hands grubby..?
We were these people too!  Meet Halo Bands.

Now, you can have and wear a stylish ring that can brave all the things that your day throws at your precious hands and expensive metal bands will look like thier hefty price tags! 

Halo Bands are made from a high-quality food-grade silicone that is durable, heat resistant, non-conductive and 100% safe and scratch-proof.

Carefully engineered with your busy lifestyle in mind, our strong rubber rings are designed to stretch and break before your finger removes itself. A classic wedding band leaves you at risk of avulsion and may result in missing a finger or two. Halo Bands literally eliminate that risk for you it has been proven by people working their regular 9-5 jobs that have put themselves in a Halo Band.

Show your partner that you are committed but without compromise on your style! But most of all, keep all your fingers and do it in affordable fashion.