Why silicone rings?

Fast becoming a popular choice in the jewellery game, a silicone ring is at the top of many wish-lists! Our customers range from new moms to gym-obsessed, from nurses to mechanics and everything in between. Halo bands are hypoallergenic and food grade quality. 

Comfort without compromise.

Something that you wear everyday doesn't have to be the most expensive part of your outfit, nor does it have to be the most used looking thing in your get up. A silicone ring is cost effective and does not compromise on style and longevity.

We have had numerous customers so happy with their rings that they have replaced their wedding bands to wear every day and use their precious metal ones on special occasions. Why? Because Halo bands don't scratch, they are hypoallergenic and are designed to be alway in, no matter your lifestyle and how busy your hands are.

Safety first.

Have you heard of ring avulsion? Because I would not recommend looking it up on an image search! All we can do is assure you that Halo bands removes that risk for you.

Common metal rings can catch on surfaces and cause major disfiguration to your fingers. Our bands are made to bend or tearaway before any injury can happen.  If you have a job that is very hands on, you need to put your safety first.

Who wears them?

We could list off so many professions and hobbies of our happy customers but it will go on and on... OK, we will only do a few. Healthcare workers, personal trainers, car mechanics, bike mechanics, crossfitters, F45ers, glass makers, bar tenders, chefs, sports.