Why silicone rings?

"Why don't you wear your ring to work?"
"Oh, you forgot your ring..."
Are these common phrases from your significant other?
At a guess, you paid a decent chunk towards a nice shiny metal wedding band. Reality check - you have to wear it daily and it gets scratched, it's tight after a long day, it's off then on. Let's face it, losing it wouldn't be worth going home and confessing, right?
Halo Bands are silicone rings. They are perfect for people who have the exact problem above. You don't want to wear a ring that gets scratched up, lost, or causes discomfort, or you plain just dislike metal rings.

Halo Band lets you keep that commitment without any sacrifice.
Silicone wedding bands are:
  • Affordable, easily replaced if lost.
  • Strong and durable. Stretches over swollen joints at the end of a hard day.
  • UV resistant and waterproof, great for swimming or the outdoors
  • Non-toxic and safe. The solution if you worry about injuring your finger with a typical metal band (ring avulsion is no joke)
Looking for inexpensive solutions is fast become a sign of the current times. Move with the times, think about your wallet. Replacing a metal ring can be expensive and take time. Silicone rings are stylish and flexible.
We have a perception that a metal ring is what you must have on a wedding day. Believe it or not, alternatives to traditional metal rings are fast becoming a hit trend. A ring should be symbol, not a flex on your wallet size!
We have a wide range of these symbols available to you.

Your safety is important. Have you heard of ring avulsion? Because we would not recommend looking it up on an image search! All we can do is assure you that Halo bands removes that risk for you.
Common metal rings can catch on surfaces and cause major disfiguration to your fingers. Our bands are made to bend or tearaway before any injury can happen.  If you have a job that is very hands on, you need to put your safety first.